Flash Talks

Flash Talk Participants
  1. Billy Jin, ORIE, Cornell University
    • Improved Approximation for TSP for Half-Integer Square Points
  2. Jingning Ao, Strategy, University of Pittsburgh
    • Is open innovation the answer for non-decomposable problems? A study in the pharmaceutical industry
  3. Ryan Shi, Societal Computing, CMU
    • Learning and Planning in Feature Deception Games
  4. Arash Haddadan, Tepper, CMU
    • Progress on the Uniform Cover Problem
  5. Lili Zhang, Kennesaw State University
    • A descriptive study of variable discretization and cost-sensitive logistic regression on imbalanced credit data
  6. Alex Rudenko, ACO/Math, CMU
    • Multicommodity Multicast, Wireless and Fast
  7. Mehmet Aydemir, Tepper, CMU
    • Information Sharing in On-Demand Platforms
  8. Yanhan (Savannah) Tang, Tepper, CMU
    • Fairness and Stability in P2P Ride-Sharing without Payment
  • Arash Haddadan
  • Billy Jin
  • Alex Rudenko
How well can you explain your research without using the keywords? The newly-introduced competition to YinzOR 2019 will give you a great chance to deliver your research ideas in a fun way! 

Competitors will present their work in 5 minutes without using “taboo” words. Each talk will receive scores based on two criteria: votes from conference participants, the number of times taboo words are used. 

Top three scorers  each will win cash prize $70.

Rules for Competition:

  • Each participant will have 5 minutes to present their work.
  • Participants will receive their taboo words before the session.
  • Use of taboo words is not strictly prohibited but you are expected to use them as little as possible.
  • Slides or whiteboard can be used to present visuals or math expressions. Use of words in the slides is discouraged as some of them may be taboo words.  


Please contact Musa Celdir (mceldir@andrew.cmu.edu) for any clarifications.