Poster Competition

Poster Competition Participants with Titles & Co-authors
  1. Yufeng Cao, ISyE, Georgia Institute of Technology
    • Network Revenue Management Under A Spiked Multinomial Logit Choice Model
    • with Anton Kleywegt (Georgia Tech) & He Wang (Georgia Tech)
  2. Menglong Li, ISE, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    • M-Convexity and Its Applications in Operations
    • with Xin Chen (ISE, UIUC)
  3. Andrew Daw, ORIE, Cornell University
    • Beyond Safety Drivers: Staffng a Teleoperations System for Autonomous Vehicles
    • with Robert C. Hampshire (U Mich) & Jamol Pender (Cornell)
  4. Secil Souzer, Lehigh University
    • Simulation-Based Optimization of Dynamic Appointment Scheduling Problem with Patient Unpunctuality and Provider Lateness
    • with Robert H. Storer (Lehigh) & Dr. Miao Bai (Mayo Clinic, Rochester)
  5. Amin Hosseininasab, Tepper, Carnegie Mellon University
    • Structure Mining for Interpretable Data-driven Sequential Decision Making
    • with Willem-Jan van Hoeve(CMU) & Andre Cire (U of Toronto)
  6. Thomas Lavastida, Tepper, Carnegie Mellon University
    • A Framework for Parallelizing Hierarchical Clustering Methods
    • with Silvio Lattanzi (Google Zurich), Kefu Lu (Washington and Lee University) & Benjamin Moseley (CMU)
  7. Dravyansh Sharma, CSD, Carnegie Mellon University
    • Online optimization of piecewise Lipschitz functions in changing environments
    • with Maria-Florina Balcan (SCS, CMU) & Travis Dick (SCS, CMU)
  8. Francisco J Castillo Zunino, ISyE, Georgia Institute of Technology
    • Bi-Criteria Multiple Knapsack Problem with Grouped Items
    • with Pinar Keskinocak (Georgia Tech)
  9. Hongyi Jiang, Johns Hopkins University
    • A polynomial time cutting plane algorithm for two-dimensional pure integer programs
    • with Amitabh Basu (Johns Hopkins), Michele Conforti (U of Padova) & Marco Di Summa (U of Padova)
  10. Yongchun Li, ISE, Virginia Tech
    • Maximum Entropy Sampling Problem
    • with Weijun Xie (Virginia Tech)
  11. Yu Yang, ISyE, Georgia Tech
    • Multi-Variable Branching for 0-1 Knapsack Problems
    • with Natashia Boland (Georgia Tech) & Martin Savelsbergh (Georgia Tech)
  12. Mathieu Tanneau, Polytechnique Montreal
    • Cutting Planes for Mixed-Integer Conic Programming
    • with Juan-Pablo Vielma (MIT)
  • First Place ($500) Dravyansh Sharma
  • Second Place ($300) Hongyi Jiang
  • Third Place ($200) Menglong Li
  • People’s Choice ($200) Amin Hosseininasab


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